Casa Odyssia residence overlooks the Ionian Sea

Casa Odyssia
(Casa Odyssia, Corfu, Greece, Photos: Krak Architectcs )

On a hillside off the coast of Corfu island in Greece, Casa Odyssia overlooks the Ionian Sea. The impressive Doric residence is a project of the architectural office Konstantinos Stathopoulos KRAK Architects. Inspired by the classic tale “The Odyssey” by Homer – telling the story of the Greek hero Odysseus, King of Ithaca, and his journey back home after the Trojan War – Casa Odyssia seeks to serve as a station of rest, meditation, hospitality and accommodate its occupant as a modern Odysseus who is in search for his own personal Ithaca.

“In a verdant landscape and at an altitude of 250 meters, the dwelling as a seed on the ground; it grows by finding space among the other forces of the site, the trees, the rocks; looking for the best view, the sun, the good orientation. The entire synthesis is structured around a central pillar and turns towards south-east, aiming for the good orientation and the view of the horizon. Following the axes x, y, z the elements of the synthesis, from raw concrete, meet on the site creating spaces, boundaries and sights, in a logic of endless motion” the architect describes.

Konstantinos Stathopoulos, has earned a MSc in Materials Science and Engineering (June 2015) from the School of Chemical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. He also holds an Architectural Engineering degree from the School of Architectural Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens.

During his academic studies, he participated in numerous workshops specifically oriented in traditional building techniques. In addition he was working occasionally as a concept designer, scenographer assistant and muralist.

(Konstantinos Stathopoulos, KRAK Architects)

“Εver since I can remember myself I was trying to shape my environment, spending hours on imagining, analyzing and handcrafting objects and shelters”.

His Athens-based architectural firm is providing tailor-made architecture for people with vision. The environment in which we are called to act is often characterized by rigid habits and perceptions. However, just like a flower can grow in the crack (KRAK.) of a rock, architectural ideas concepts can sprout in cracks.

Casa Odyssia was selected amongst the best designs for the 10th Biennale of Young Greek Architects. The game of shaping the environment, solving problems and creation is what still keeps Stathopoulos motivated and enthusiast for Architecture. According to him Architecture instead of being mimetic, it must be primarily dialectic compromising; a sincere expression of the truth of its creator. And most importantly with” Reason and Dream”.