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(Omar Abu Innab, co-founder and CEO of Keyper)

Dubai ‘rent now, pay later (RNPL)’ scheme launches in July

UAE based proptech start-up Keyper, has officially announced a Rent Now Pay Later (RNPL) service, meaning Dubai residents can pay their rent monthly with their credit card. Traditionally, rent in Dubai has been paid with post-dated cheques (usually between one and six, depending on the landlord) over a 12-month period. Keyper will now make it…

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(Sergiu Sobetchi, Head of Sales at Laguna Properties UAE)

Dubai real estate golden run to continue in Q4

UAE-based luxury residential agency Laguna Properties predicts a “golden run” for Dubai’s luxury residential sector in the final quarter of 2022, with investors attracted by the Emirate’s safe-haven status, reputation for resilience and opportunity for medium to long term growth, amidst a global context of uncertainty, inflationary pressures, interest rate rises and geo-political tensions. Laguna’s…

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