Helping homeowners avoid foreclosure


In these difficult economic times, many Americans are struggling to keep their homes. Lillian Powers, a real estate specialist with eXp Realty, has launched a new website,, to help homeowners avoid the long-term negative effects of foreclosure.

The website provides information on how to avoid foreclosure and what to do if you are already in foreclosure.

“Foreclosure is a devastating experience that can have long-term effects on your credit and your ability to buy a home in the future,” said Powers. “In a non-judicial state, such as California, the foreclosure process is relatively fast-paced and can occur more quickly than the homeowner can respond and negotiate with the lender/investor. I created this website to help people understand their options and make informed decisions. With the Power Team, which is comprised of experienced foreclosure avoidance experts, my goal is to help more homeowners avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes – for the betterment of our communities.”

The website officially launches on October 1, 2022, but help is available now to homeowners that visit the site.