Top 50 smart building technology start-ups

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Digital transformation technology adoption has accelerated during the last few years and is poised to transform the building technology industry, making buildings more connected, sustainable, and cognitive. Intelligent building solutions using digital transformation technologies, including IoT, AI, and machine learning (ML), are advancing building operations and maintenance, moving from reactive to predictive maintenance. Industry participants, including leading, emerging, and start-up companies, innovate to achieve building decarbonization and digitalization and improve occupant well-being.

An extensive report on the Top 50 companies accelerating digitalization in the global homes and buildings has been published by Dublin-based This research exclusively focuses on start-up companies in the homes and buildings industry contributing toward decarbonization, climate change, health and wellness, and digitalization of buildings. The publisher estimates the global venture capital, private equity, and corporate investments into smart building technology start-ups to be $13 billion for 2021, double the $6 billion investment in 2020. Using scientific methods, industry expert dialogues, and decision support matrices, the publisher has identified the top 50 digital start-up best practitioners across the homes and buildings industry.

Table of Contents

  1. The Strategic Imperative
  2. Research Summary
  3. Research Scope, Methodology, and Definitions
  4. Partnerships, Acquisitions, and Investments by Leading Companies
  5. Growth Opportunity Analysis
  6. Top 50 Start-up Best Practitioner Profiles
  7. Growth Opportunity Universe
  8. Engage with Our Growth Pipeline as a Service (GPaaS) Platform to Understand the Need for Strategic Pivots and to Thrive Tomorrow
  9. Next Steps

Companies Mentioned

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes:

Ambi Labs, Arloid Automation, Augury, Brain4Energy, Braiven, Citron, Clairify, Comfy, Cohesion, Cortex, DABBEL, DARWIN, Deepki, Elevation, Eliq, Energyly, Envio Systems,, Facilio, GrowFlux, Guru Systems
Hank, HAVEN IAQ, Hello Energy, Innowatts, IOTomation,, Kognition, Kontrol Technologies, Leanheat, Metrikus, METRON, Nomad Go, Numina, Nuuka, One Concern, Openergy, PHYSEE, qlair, Resync
R8tech, Sensemetrics, SpaceIQ, Spaceti, Sobre Energie, Tibber, Tignis, Ventive, VergeSense, Wattsense