Romanian Real Estate News – 06/12/22

Romanian real estate news


-The prices of the old three-room apartments in Bucharest stagnated for the first time in November, after having dropped by EUR500 or 0.5% to EUR107,850 in October, according to the real estate index compiled by Ziarul Financiar and real estate consultant SVN Romania.

-About 80% of CFA Romania experts anticipate a fall in the prices of residential properties in large cities (no opinion of price increases was recorded), while more than 83% of participants consider these prices to be overvalued (none of the survey participants considered that they would be undervalued).


A major transaction was recorded on the DEALS market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange at 3 p.m. on Dec. 2, when 175.2 million Fondul Proprietatea worth RON336 million changed hands. The transaction was concluded at the market price, RON1.92/share. Property restitution fund Fondul Proprietatea was launched in December 2005 and was established to compensate Romanians whose properties were confiscated by the former communist government.