Romanian Real Estate News – 07/02/23

Romanian Real Estate News


The number of real estate deals in Romania stood at 33,000 last month, 26,590 fewer than in December 2022, data from the national cadaster agency ANCPI showed.


Romania is the only state in Europe (in a geopolitical sense) where insurance against natural disasters is mandatory. Paradoxically, the country is below average in terms of insurance coverage, more than 3 times below the European average, reported.


The Prefect of the Romanian capital Bucharest, Toni Grebla, told Digi24 that all municipalities, including Bucharest, have European funds available for strengthening buildings with seismic risk, but that they remain unspent year after year. He specified that there are over 1,000 buildings at seismic risk in Bucharest, but that the number of affected buildings would depend on the intensity of an earthquake.