Romanian Real Estate News – 08/02/23

Romanian Real Estate


Romania’s real estate market registered record investments last year, passing a historic milestone of EUR1.25 billion, which translates into an increase of 36% compared to 2021, according to the latest CBRE report titled Market Outlook 2023. In total, the office sector attracted 62% of all investments in 2022 followed by retail (24%) and industrial (7%). At the same time, hotels and assets from other areas managed to jointly attract 7% of the total investment.

Romanian investors had the biggest contribution to 2022 investment volume in Romania. Thus, half of the total investment volume in the real estate market last year came from the local level. At a considerable distance from Romanian investors were South African investors, with a percentage of 15% followed by Austrians with 10%. With shares below 10%, investors from Belgium, UK, Hungary and Malta accounted for a total of a quarter of the total volume.