Romanian Real Estate News – 13/12/22

Romanian Real Estate News


Flexibility remains the keyword in relation to the workplace, both from the perspective of employees and from the perspective of employers, according to the latest survey by Mindspace, the global flexible office provider. The survey of 1,470 employed people in Romania, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, the UK and the US, showed that 72% of Romanian employees say they already have a flexible job, while 97% consider flexibility to be one of the most important aspects. On average, Romanian respondents work from the office for 3.9 days, and 66% of them enjoy the socializing that comes with the environment. The desire to connect with colleagues is also seen in employees’ space preferences – an office in an open space remains among the top preferences.


Bucharest-listed Meta Estate Trust, a holding company operating in the residential sector, has acquired several residential units within projects carried out on the Romanian seaside by developer Sopra Estate Holding.