Romanian Real Estate News – 25/11/22

Romanian Real Estate News


Romanian real estate developer of residential and commercial projects Forty Management is buying the land for developing the mixed-use, green, urban regeneration project, Central District Lagoon City in Warsaw, Poland and Prague, Czech Republic. Lagoon City is the first mixed-use, scalable real estate project that is completely self-sustainable – all the necessary energy is produced within the project – and the first neural carbon project in Eastern Europe.


Europolis Office, part of Romania’s Paval Holding Properties, will be led by Marian Roman, one of the most respected leaders in the real estate market, who previously oversaw Austria’s CA Immo operations in Romania. The news comes as Paval acquired seven flagship projects from CA Immo in a deal marking a double record for the local property market, being the largest transaction ever made in Romania and also the largest real estate investment done by a 100% Romanian company.